Why do celebrities need bodyguards?

Celebrities bodyguards are special creatures that cannot live without their celebrity. The celebrity for them is like an oxygen in our lungs. The bodyguard is a special profession which requires a lot of effort and work, but why do celebrities need bodyguards? Isn’t it possible to exist happily without them? Here are the possible reasons for such a choice of a pop star to live like that: 

  1. Security. Our life is really sometimes dangerous, and can you imagine how dangerous it might become a pop star who is known by everyone? So, think twice before you make a choice to become a star. Celebrities live a life full of people: they are around them all the time. Hence, there might become an occasion when some abnormal fan or psychopath will try to hurt or even kill a star. The bodyguard will be right here then.

  1. Protection. Celebrities bodyguards are all the time around their patrons. They protect and keep an eye on them all the time. If any danger appears, the bodyguard will be just right there. Sometimes celebrity-girl feels like that bodyguard is their boyfriend who will always protect them and not let anyone hurt their feelings or body.

  1. Celebrities just need the closest friend. Sometimes life gets really hard and there is no one around to cry their shoulder on. Celebrities often are at the top glory, so they do not have many friends to talk with and open their heart. In some especially emotional moments celebrities need a friend the most. Consequently, if you want to become a celebrity bodyguard, you have to be able to keep other people’s secrets.

So, if you do not match these criteria, even do not try to become a celebrity bodyguard because it is a profession that requires both: good physical and emotional state. A true bodyguard has to be able to anticipate all the dangerous moments and be physically fit enough to provide the highest level of security. Also, personal qualities matter too.

Best and Famous Bald Celebs

It is hard normal person to be in a battle with hair loss. It’s doubly tough with celebrities. Suddenly, they don’t fit in the leading man role that they use to take since they’re not as good-looking as before. So what occurs now with their career?

Right now, probably the most celebrated male hair loss concern within the glamorous world of Show Company, sports, and modeling is that of Quarterback Tom Brady. His current pictures show him having a rather thinning hairline. Then he surfaced wearing Justin Bieber’s hair; a hairstyle Bieber stated he owns. Surely, Tom couldn’t have grown his otherwise thinning hair that lengthy so quickly using the use of just the very best hair loss shampoo within the market. The story has it that he went using a secret hair transplant process.

Hair transplant is the most popular remedy for celebrities. In reality, this will be the fastest and also the most effective procedure for them. Celebrities such a Kevin Costner, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, and Brendan Frazer have all openly admitted that they have undergone such treatment.

Here a several famous people who shared the thought that baldly is wonderful

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, an American actor, producer, writer and action director can be a remarkable instance of how bald folks like him can stand out from the crowd. Nicely constructed and bestowed having a deep sexy voice, he undoubtedly can drive loads of girls crazy. With leading roles in the Fast and Furious franchise along with other significant movie titles, he is one of the most preferred bald celebrities in the movie scene currently.

Michael Jordan

Renowned as popular might be, Michael Jordan is most likely among the most well-known bald celebrities inside the planet and he is normally associated with the father of bald appears. Been also the world’s renowned professional basketball player, this retired celebrity has introduced the bald look to the sport. Just notice how many basketball players in the NBA and also about the planet shaves their head and you can see how influential he is.

Jason Statham

Jason Statham produced favorite by driving Audis into explosive scenes and ferrying stunning ladies is remembered by his facial characteristics, especially his bald head. An iconic sufferer of Male Pattern Baldness, he is one of British’s most extremely paid actors. There are lots of bald celebrities in the field but Jason Statham’s baldness is his very best promoting point.